Early morning. The alarm clock rings. You extend your arm to press the button. The noisy ringing finally stops. “I like the ambiance when the button is pressed. That’s how I want Cube to feel,” says Chen- Yen Chou, one of our talented designers. “I wanted to make the handling of Cube totally intuitive. It shouldn’t only be easy to use but also induce a kind of emotional peace of mind, like the one you feel the moment the ringtone goes silent.”

However small and minimalistic the Cube looks, its sophisticated oscillator produces an astonishing amount of vapor. Simply press down on the Cube’s lid to fill your surroundings with a fragrance of your choice.

Product Info We Recommend How to Use

Continuous Atomization Time
Automatically powers off every 4 hours
Suggested Room Size
Approximately 10 - 15m² (107.6 - 161.4sq ft)
Water Tank Capacity
70ml (2.37 fl. oz.)
Product Size
10 cm L x 10 cm W x 10.4 cm H
( 3.94 in L x 3.94 in W x 4.09 in H )
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Use exclusively with SERENE HOUSE Fragrance Aqua