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  • Product

• Place the product on a FIRM, FLAT and LEVEL surface.
• Please use the proper power voltage required by this product.
• When installing the device, do not connect the power, as this may cause electrical shocks and injuries.
• When this product is not used for a long period of time or when moving the product, please be sure to switch off power,
  unplug the power cord and empty the liquids inside the container, otherwise electrical shocks or malfunctions may occur.
• Please make sure to cut off the power before maintaining the device.
• When removing the power cord, please hold the plug firmly and remove the plug from the outlet;
  do not tug on the power cord directly in order to prevent danger or malfunction from happening!
• If essential oil accidently spills onto the device, the floor or other objects, please wipe it clean immediately
  with a cloth in order to prevent fading of the appearance of the product or the furniture.
• Remove the power cord from the outlet and wait until the device has completely cooled down before handling it.