The form of this Serene Pod® Warmer finds its origin in one of the most iconic shapes in ceramics, a timeless shape that has existed for millennia: the saucer. Like the saucer, the act of aromatizing our surroundings has a long history that reaches back as far as 5000 years.

Peter Wirz’s iconic design is a tribute to both of these histories. The handling of the Ufo is a lot easier than its name might suggest. Simply remove its cover and then remove the cover of a Serene Pod and place it in the base of the heater. Plug it in, switch on the power and the Ufo’s powerful heating element will create a cloud of pure natural fragrance in just a few minutes. Combining silky-matt glazed porcelain, which comes in either white or black, with a corona-like light beaming out from the gap between the cover and the base, this Ufo will certainly make an impression anywhere you use it whilst also leaving a wonderful scent in the air.

Infos produit Nous recommandons Mode d'emploi

Surface recommandée de la pièce
15 - 35m² (162 - 377sq ft)
Surface recommandée de la pièce

L 11.7 cm x l 11.7 cm x H 7.3 cm
( L 4.61 in x l 4.61 in x H 2.87 in )
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Nos Serene Pod® de cire brevetées sont maintenant bien plus faciles à insérer et retirer de nos chauffe-cire.