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• When placing the protective cover onto the main unit, make sure the magnets inside the protective cover
  are attached to the magnet on the main unit.
• Always unplug the product from cigarette lighter or USB slot when not in use.
• Use of SERENE HOUSE 100% Natural Essential oils is recommended.
• Please do not store essential oils in automobiles with high in-car temperatures and sun exposure.
• Essential oils are highly concentrated and should always be handled with care, including the amount for each use.
• Please avoid dripping the essential oil onto the exterior of the product or onto furniture.
  If essential oil dripping accidently occurs, wipe off immediately to avoid discoloration of the exterior of the product
  or the furniture.
• The ceramic tablet is a consumable and must be replaced with a new ceramic tablet when its absorbance weakens
• Be sure to use a different ceramic tablet with each different essential oil.
• The ceramic tablet is not food. Keep out of reach children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.