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• The Serene Pod® can be heated repeatedly. If the scent fades or the diffusing performance drops,
  please consider replacing the Serene Pod®. The Serene Pod® is a consumable item; please contact
  your local distributor for purchase.
• Do not move or touch when this product is in use. Allow the Serene Pod® to cool thoroughly into a solid
  form before handling the device or Serene Pod®.
• Unplug all power sources when not in use.
• Do not remove or damage the transparent micro perforated film of the Serene Pod® in order to avoid spillage
  of melted scented wax.
• Please do not touch the Serene Pod® when it is being heated to avoid accidental burns.
• The Serene Pod® is not edible; please keep Serene Pod® out of reach of children and pets to prevent
  accidental ingestion.
• Replace with a new Serene Pod® to ensure best scent ability if the aluminum foil cup of Serene Pod®
  is deformed in any way (including the bottom).